DoWMAT Governance

The Diocese of Worcester Multi Academy Trust (DOWMAT) has been set up by the Diocese of Worcester to enable church schools and non-church schools to be fully supported as they become academies. 

DoWMAT Members

2. Sir Roger Fry
3. The Bishop of Dudley
4. Hugh Richards (Chair of the Directors / Trustees)
5. Vacancy

The DoWMAT Board (Directors)

1. Hugh Richards (Chair)
2. Phil Mitchell (Vice Chair)
3. Margaret James
4. Claire Davies (CEO)
5. Alan Soper
6. Rev. Ruth Walker
7. Sam Porter
8. Chris Stephens
9. Nigel Petrie

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Executive responsibility for the day to day management of DOWMAT will lie with the CEO, who will report formally to the board on a monthly basis.

Executive Leadership Team

Made up of the Trust CEO and each academy Headteacher and Executive Headteachers.

Local Academy Boards

Each academy within the Worcester Diocese Academy Trust (DoWMAT) retains its own Local Governing Body. However, to reflect the change in legal status from pre-academisation “Governing Bodies”, and the fact that they are expected to act as “Boards” at a local level in holding their executive (the Headteacher and SLT) to account, these will be renamed Local Academy Boards.